The Apple Store

New York
  • 767 Fifth Avenue
  • 32 Feet Tall
  • 20,000 SF
  • The Apple Store is located on the plaza of the GM Building on 5th Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets. This 32 foot tall glass cube with 23,000 square foot below grade retail is Apple’s largest and only 24-hour flagship store and product showroom. On average, 1000 people per hour pass through the store. The innovative glass cube has been widely praised by the public, city officials and architectural circles. The attendant plaza redesign has brought a new sense of life and vibrancy to the once-empty plaza. The Cube is ranked #50 in the American Institute of Architect’s list of America’s favorite architectural structures.

    In 2011, Apple set out to modernize the cube utilizing new, cutting-edge glass production techniques. The new cube, when complete, will contain 15 larger panes of glass instead of the original 90.